Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Piece By Piece

I wish I could help her and take every little negative thought out of her head. But what would she be without them? Who knows because she wont let her guard down long enough to give it a try. I don’t blame her, but what does she expect from all of this? Is it ever worth it? Does the satisfaction she gets ever make it alright to her? I think she is just lost. She took way to many wrong turns even when people were pulling her towards the light. She sprinted away and dug herself a hole to hide in. Just when I thought it was all in her hands, I realized she was not alone. There were two sets of footsteps on the dark distant path. She didn’t even dig the hole, she just feel into, hard. She is there now, and how is she going to get out. No one can really help her when her guest has tied anchors to her hands and feet. She has to coerce it to let her stop gasping for breathe and finally find her way. We are left to watch and wonder and do the last thing she wants, take pity on what’s left of her soul. But that is that and she is not her and I am not this disease.

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