Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First day of binge free, Restriction February

I am getting back on track and eliminating bingeing from my life.

I am starting to shrink my stomach this week and hopefully have a month of restriction.

Today I am allowing 750 calories, because I have been used to bingeing all the time lately.

Then the rest of the month it is 500 calories or below! 

I cant go as low as I would like (i.e. 250 cal a day) because I need to work on my school work and go to class and drive, so I have to eat enough that I wont be too dizzy. That's my biggest downfall.

Today I have eaten:

Jello Mousse (sugar free): 60 cal
Organic popcorn: 130 cal
Low cal hot chocolate: 50 cal
6 ounces roasted chicken: 300 cal (KILL ME)
Weight watchers Ice cream sandwich: 130 (OMFG)

total: 670

I feel like a PIG. I ate so many sweets, its like having a mini binge :( But I still am under my goal of 750 and its SO HARD to go from binge/purge to restricting, so as long as I can fast through the night, I am semi-satisfied.

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