Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All we can do is keep breathing...

Well first off, I lost 2.5 pounds today. I should be happy right? I am just so focused on the big picture that I can't be happy for such a small success. I am so far from my goal that I really wont be the least bit satisfied until I am under 200 pounds, so 93 pounds to go. I am hoping to get that off by the end of the semester, but that probably wont happen, at least not without passing out a few times. That gives me 113 days to lose 93 pounds. I bet I could do it if I get exercising, but that prolly wont happen either, I'd rather starve than exercise. Hopefully my mind will change once I get a little farther into this and I will be desperate enough to exercise again :)


Food Log:
3 cups of Special K: 360 (PIGGGG)
1/4 cup of milk: 50
Low cal hot chocolate:50
Weight watchers english muffin:100
1 cup of chicken soup:100
Weight watchers ice cream: 130
2 cups of lite popcorn:45
Total:835 (purge worthy)

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